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Description Table of Contents Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! The War and its Legacy 2.

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Shop by category. Language see all. Not specified. Topic see all. Country see all. United Kingdom. Type see all. Travel Guide. PowerPoint slides from the lectures will not be posted on Blackboard. If you want to record the lectures you must receive permission from the instructor. Assignments, Exams, and Policies History and Memory Short Assignment For this assignment you will use Night to consider the ramifications of memory, specifically social, ethnic, and religious divides which linger or are disguised in post-war Europe.

Pick one of the following questions to help frame your response: Is the memory of the Holocaust used to foster divides in Europe? How did post-war Europe 'forget' certain aspects of the Second World War? Is Night designed to serve as a reminder? This assignment must be between pages double-spaced point Times New Roman font. A title page with your name, class, title, date, and student number, must accompany your paper but is not included in your page count.

You must also include page numbers and staple your assignment. You must attach the completed short assignment checklist to the end of your assignment.

Europe's Troubled Peace: 1945 to the Present

This assignment is due January 29 at the start of class. Major Research Essay For your major research essay you may choose a topic from the topic list on Blackboard or craft your own in consultation with me no later than March 5.

  1. Twentieth-Century Europe: A Brief History, 1900 to the Present?
  2. Europe's Troubled Peace: to the Present by Tom Buchanan?
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  7. You must use a minimum of seven secondary and two primary sources. Journal articles less then thirty pages count as half a source. Secondary sources should have been published post depending on the topic chosen earlier sources may be used with permission. The course textbooks or online resources may not be used as secondary sources.

    A sign-up sheet is available on my office door. Only two students may sign up for a particular topic. This assignment is intended to develop your historical writing and research skills, as well as the development of an argumentative essay and thesis. Like the short assignment your paper must include a separate title page.

    History of European Currencies: 1945 - 2017

    Your paper should be pages, point Times New Roman font, double-spaced and should include page- numbers and is due March You must attach the completed assignment checklist available on Blackboard to your submission. Midterm An in-class midterm will be held on February This exam will cover the first half of the course and will consist of multiple choice, short answer, and an essay question based on the lectures and course readings.

    It will consist of multiple choice and short answer questions drawn primarily from the second half of the course. The first essay question will be event-based and will focus on the second half of the course. The second essay question will be thematic and cover the entire course. Other components may be added to the final exam at the instructor's discretion through consultation with the class.

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    Midterm and final examinations must be written on the date scheduled. In the case of a missed exam for medical or other valid reasons, documentation must be provided and an opportunity to write the missed exam may be given. Final examinations are scheduled by the University and may be any time during the April examination period.

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