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Norman Bates has the soft, sweet voice of a Cancer, with all of the mommy issues to match. He seems like a gentle person, but Cancerians are very secretive. They value privacy and keep their issues to themselves. Like, locked in another building. That private. The costuming, the hair, the makeup, the legacy, the drama of it all—no one ever said that Leos hate making a scene. As a clown, Pennywise is a born performer, and Leo is a sign closely associated with self-expression, creativity, and individualism. Pennywise makes sure to achieve the maximum terror by altering his persona to the personality-specific fears of each child he terrorizes.

This is not a one-size-fits-all villain. Virgos are known for their manners, class, analytical skills, and attention to detail. Despite his horrifying crimes, Hannibal Lecter maintains a chillingly level head throughout his interactions with Clarice, psychoanalyzing her right back in true Virgo fashion. As a psychiatrist, he cannot turn off his brain, has a pronounced intelligence, and has the Virgoan meticulousness to pull it all off at the end. First of all, hahahahahahahahahahaha. Babe, the keys? Libras can be very evasive about sharing their real opinion for the sake of maintaining likability.

They are known for their vanity and appreciation for beauty; Rose is gorgeous, and her favorite activities include selecting croissants and modeling for her hot boyfriend. Possessive, obsessive, emotional, notices everything, not going to let you leave this bed—Annie is definitely a Scorpio. Under normal circumstances, most Scorpios have a skill for hiding their inner feelings from the outside world when upset, but when they blow up, they really blow up!

Nothing frustrates a Sagittarius more than boredom. Sagittarius is the sign of the archer, eternally wandering the earth searching for the truth. Sagittarians encourage the people around them to take advantage of what life has to offer them: new experiences, new friendships, travel.

A Sagittarius may not have the sadism within them to pull off a reverse bear trap Capricorns are known for their ambition in the workplace. At times, this can make them calculating and cold. That leads automatically to the controversy about violence. I'm tired of the perpetual arguing about the alleged brutality in my films.

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Violence exists in our world and you can't simply ignore it. You have to show it, especially if you want to tell powerful stories as I want to.

Those who only want to tell about the joys of being and the art of picking cherries shouldn't start making films at all. Because good people are boring. Only the bad guys have style. Only bad guys have style?


Can't agree with him there! His rather unsettling artwork can be sampled at The City of Absurdity. All my paintings are organic, violent comedies. They have to be violently done, and primitive and crude, and to achieve that I try to let nature paint more than I paint and stay out of the way as much as I can. In opposition there's an exact conjunction of Mars and Saturn, Capricorn's ruler, in Cancer. I'd guess that it's this opposition which is Lynch's driving force.

Capricorn September 2019: Your Higher Love Is Waiting For You Capricorn ❤

The Capricorn planets reflect a capacity for hard work and a well-honed business-sense; a little bleeding over of Aquarian quirk allows for a less staid manifestation than unadulterated Capricorn would present. Opposition of Mars and Saturn drive the energetic work ethic feel of the chart, with a potential fascination with violence Mars thrown in.