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Hunting and trading noble birds of prey has a special charm.

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Those who work in this profession and become attached to it will not be able to easily change it. Thus, what was once so abundant has become rare and hard to get today. In the past, Rahiba was a market frequently visited by princes and wealthy people. However, its vast lands have been deserted by the birds of prey, as its numbers have decreased and these species became rare to see. Yet, the inhabitants of the city did not abandon their craft and kept pursuing their favourite birds everywhere even though the profession risks and difficulties have increased. Hunting the noble birds of prey in Rahiba city has started at the beginning of the twentieth century, in order to meet the demands of the sheikhs of the Bedouin tribes bordering the area.

As such, Rahiba became a destination for adventurous huntsmen. Hence, one of the pioneering hunters, Abu Borges al-sheikh, has transferred the hunted birds on a bicycle, according to anecdotes circulated among the locals. The trade activities and commercial relations in the city have grown, as the techniques of taking care of the birds have evolved to the extent of renting entire aircraft to transport the birds.

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However, the concentration of this kind of birds has shifted to Russia, then Pakistan, India, Mongolia, Siberia, and even to the Alps. At the beginning of the twenty-first century, new challenges have emerged.

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Hunting and trading the noble birds of prey have become illegal in most countries. Adding to that, the increase of security unrest in Syria and the region made smuggling a part of the profession today. In the countries covered by the protection laws, there are farms for hatching and breeding, which although produce less skilled hunter birds than their wild counterparts, offer a safer and less expensive solution for those who do not want to risk. Mohamed indicated that talking about noble bird traders was synonymous with becoming wealthy. However, the situation has changed today, as the profit rates which used to reach 90 percent decreased to 5 percent.

According to Mohamed, the hunting season starts in Turkey at the beginning of the sixth month of the year when the Turkish shaheen falcon begins its journey, followed by the Mongolian falcon, whose hunting season lasts only for two months before the snow. In Russia, the hunting period extends between the eighth and the second month of the year, due to convenient weather conditions.

Worldwide, the hunting season extends from the eighth to the first month of the year. Thus, hunters are no longer bound with the limited number of noble birds of prey in their lands, as these birds migrate to distant countries. Together, we will bring life and colour back to the countryside. You can help us catch criminals in the act and collect the evidence we need to secure a conviction.

See our shocking footage. Satellite-tagged hen harriers continue to disappear in suspicious circumstances, many over grouse moors and before adulthood. Find out what happened.

Why kill Scottish birds of prey?

In , we managed to rescue three peregrine chicks after both parents were found poisoned at a notorious quarry in Shropshire. You can help us monitor problem sites like this and help stop more senseless killing. See our dramatic rescue. Our interactive bird crime map is the most complete set of known raptor persecution incidents in the UK.

Predator–Prey Relationship More Intricate Than Thought

Take a look and you could find bird crime is taking place on your doorstop. It shows where incidents have taken place over the last six years revealing raptor persecution blackspots. By helping us collect vital evidence like this you can help us focus on the areas where birds of prey most need our protection. We use cookies on our website to help give you the best online experience.

Tell me more. What do the birds say? An amazing achievement in spring ! Climate change and nature are interconnected We are in a climate and nature emergency. Rewild your morning: Free Birdsong Radio app from the RSPB celebrates glorious UK birdlife Free radio app will transmit continuous loop of ambient birdsong, featuring red-listed species.

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Brent Goose A small, dark goose - the same size as a mallard. Nightjar A nocturnal bird that can be seen hawking for food at dusk and dawn. Ring Ouzel male ring ouzels are particularly distinctive with their black plumage with a pale wing panel and striking white breast band.

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Tools for effective campaigning Our guides will help you get your voice heard. Volunteer Explore these pages to find an opportunity that suits you. Find reserves near me. Minsmere There's so much to see and hear at Minsmere, from rare birds and otters to stunning woodland and coastal scenery. Coombes Valley This is a delightful oak woodland to walk through — especially in spring and early summer. Arne Heathland home to more than species. Wild Challenge Nature is an adventure waiting to be had. Get out, get busy and get wild! Pond dipping Pond dipping is something we can all do and it's loads of fun!