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Just as the action is about to really kick off, the movie title hits the screen and there is a Matrix -like moment, when things slow right down and the camera turns. Elver says that the workflow passed various sections across different departments, each responsible for a different aspect of the shot. Like if a character is not animated aiming their weapon correctly, which happens a lot, it has to be corrected. By Jeff Beer 3 minute Read.

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OK, well the first one is a bit of fun. Stars and gas have been stripped away to produce two beautiful extended tails — a long neck and flipper — and the remaining bright star-filled regions of the two galaxies creating the body. Think of objects like the Tarantula or Eagle nebulas. Spacecraft that have gone to Mars have revealed a planet that once had water flowing across its surface, with scientists debating the possibilities of past or even present life.

Image: NASA. Image: ESA. What about the Martian winking smiley face?

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The alien civilisation hunters completely missed that one. All sorts of natural features can look like a face, including this large Martian crater.

A few years ago there was worldwide media coverage of the sighting of a gorilla and later Big Foot on Mars. Even gorillas and Big Foot appear! Images: NASA. Hello Polly! Sand dunes and wind carved rock produced this piece of parrot pareidolia. Stop That Asteroid!

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Back in , Congress tasked NASA with identifying these killer asteroids, and expanded their demands in It turns out we have options, but our best bet is never to blow up the incoming object. Destroying a massive rock miles across is difficult work, and in the best case, you still end up with a cloud of small debris, which could still pose risks.

Again, we know where most of these objects are. This is all the known objects of as January Simply exploding a bomb near the surface of the offending asteroid could be enough to alter its trajectory. This means rockets could deliver a nuclear payload without the need for humans to go anywhere near the impactor. Large warheads can weigh up to a ton.

The Space Elevator Is Amazing In Surviving Mars Green Planet!

But for all that weight, you get an explosion measured in millions of tons of TNT, enough to shift a sizable asteroid. And the behemoth rockets coming online now or in the next few years will be able to carry more than one of these warheads at once. Of course, just pushing is always an option. In this scenario, a space agency could simply run a rocket into an oncoming asteroid.

Gravitational Tugboat The wonderful thing about space is that physics becomes a strange and idealized thing. If you imagine trying to tug a multi-million-ton rock out of the way on Earth, it seems nearly impossible. But in space, friction ceases to exist.

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Bodies move about as dictated by gravity. So, if you put something heavy near an asteroid, you can pull it off track. This method happens slowly. So you need a lot of lead time. But should we happen to find a monster asteroid out there heading toward us with a hundred years of lead time, this method is the safest and easiest way to deflect it. As a reverse tugboat, scientists have also considered ion beam shepherding.

This basically means having a spacecraft fly alongside the asteroid and pelt it with plasma, thereby shoving it aside.

Scientists are scratching their heads after finding a massive planet orbiting a small star

Much like the gravity tractor method, this is slow but predictable and possible using technology that already exists. Or, as a simpler version of that idea, other scientists have suggested simply painting an asteroid white to increase its reflectivity. This equates to more photons from the sun bouncing off its surface, and the extra pressure would serve to gradually move it off course. We could blast it with a laser, for example. Another option is commonly called a mass driver.