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Michael Youssef Michael Youssef, Ph. Contact Leading The Way with Dr. With flexbox, we created two divs that would act as our columns. When using grid, we instead set up the entire grid on the parent itself, and then we can tell the children where they belong on that grid. The fr unit is unique to grid, and is a fraction of the available space.

Grid might be complicated, but so is flexbox

We could use grid-row and grid-column on each element to place it where we want, but the more and more I use grid, the more I fall in love with taking the time to set up grid-template-areas and place my items into those areas. So first, on the. With the flat markup of our grid, anything is possible! And as an added bonus, because we set everything up using grid-template-areas, making these changes is super easy!

By playing with the grid-template-areas like this, it shifts the social icons to where we want them to be so quickly and easily the. As I mentioned a few times now, one of the places where this pays off. We can completely control our layout with with our parent:.

The below pen has the entire thing styled up. Dive in there, play with the grid-areas, and see how easy it is to completely change the layout!

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I do find myself turning to grid more and more, but I do think that flexbox still has its place. But the United States needs to be more consistent in its support for human rights in the region. Trending Now Sponsored Links by Taboola.

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Argument U. Uighur men make their way past a subway entrance after marking the end of Ramadan at the Id Kah mosque in Kashgar, in China's western Xinjiang region early on June 5. View Comments.

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